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Family Medicine

Convenient one-stop care for the entire family

Family Medicine

Developing and establishing a relationship with a primary care physician is very important for the health of anyone. Unlike other specialties that focus on a specific disease or a particular of the body, family physicians provide comprehensive care to patients of all ages and genders. This comprehensive care includes

  • Preventive Care: Educating patients on disease prevention and health maintenance. These include providing age-appropriate health screening for all members of the family. School and sports physicals as well as physicals for job placement

  • Family physicians are also experts at managing common illness such as ear infections, sinusitis and urinary tract infections. When you wake up with a cold or feel generally unwell, your family doctor is the right person to see at that time.

  • Family physicians also manage chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Asthma, High Blood Pressure, Stroke and Heart Disease. They will provide ongoing care to you through some of the most challenging times in your life helping you stabilize your illnesses and will work closely with the specialists if needed to make sure your health is the best it can be.

  • Family physicians are the Quarterbacks of your health team providing supervision to nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses and medical assistants. They coordinate and collaborate with therapists, pharmacists as well as other specialists to ensure you have the best treatment and care. This ensures that you don’t have to worry or be stressed out trying to figure everything out on your own. 

  • Because your family physician knows and treats you and your family for long periods of time, they know when something is just not normal with regards to your health. They can examine, you, order the appropriate tests and radiologic studies. These include screening you for serious conditions such as cancer. They will then diagnose, treat and monitor your progress and refer you to the right specialist if needed.


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At Summit Medical Group, we recognize the importance of caring for families and individuals. Our Family Medicine Team is the foundation of our Care model. These Providers have completed a broad spectrum of training and are qualified to provide the best quality care for patients of all ages and diagnoses.

Our Patient Centered Care model places the patient at the center of our care plan and we pride ourselves in providing culturally sensitive primary care to each individual and family.

I’m being admitted to the hospital… Now what?

Our physicians are on staff at our local hospitals and maintain important referral relationships with other area providers. If a Summit Medical Group patient requires hospitalization, a physician called a Hospitalist will be the doctor who provides care for him or her during a hospital stay. A Hospitalist is a board-certified physician who cares only for hospitalized patients. This doctor does not have a traditional office and instead rounds on patients who are in an inpatient hospital setting continually. These physicians are affiliated with the admitting hospital rather than our practice, and our physician team remains in regular contact with the hospitalist to keep abreast of our patients’ treatment. When our patient is released from the hospital, he or she will return to our practice for follow-up care.

Our Family Medicine team offers quality care, experienced medical providers and the desire to build lasting patient relationships. We don’t just treat diseases; we take care of people.

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