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Comprehensive Care for a Healthier You

Internal Medicine Physicians also are referred to as Internists and their educational requirements are rather extensive. Often times, they are significantly trained in subspecialties such as endocrinology, infectious disease, neurology, geriatrics, dermatology and orthopedics. Their diverse training allows Internists to offer comprehensive care for a broad range of medical issues.

At SMG, providers help patients customize healthcare strategies with prevention and wellness goals catered to their needs, and schedule appropriate health screening tests.

Consider your primary care provider your best source for information on conditions like weight management, smoking cessation, help with alcohol and drug use, and managing stress and anxiety. Your primary care provider will also arrange for routine screenings, like mammograms, colonoscopies, blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol. It is important to note that many serious illnesses are found during routine physicals. As a primary care provider, our clinicians will coordinate any care provided from other members within the SMG community or other specialists. With our electronic medical record system, our providers have efficient and accurate access to a patient’s medical records and file, allowing for more cohesive and responsive care.

We know that building a healthy relationship with one’s primary care physician is invaluable, which makes us absolutely committed to compassionately delivering expert care, and fostering this relationship to ensure top-tier wellness and treatment. Routine visits to your primary care physician are recommended to get you healthy, keep you healthy, and ensure you are up-to-date on necessary screenings. If you do not have a primary care provider, now is the time and SMG is the place.


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I’m being admitted to the hospital… Now what?

Our physicians are on staff at our local hospitals and maintain important referral relationships with other area providers. If a Summit Medical Group patient requires hospitalization, a physician called a Hospitalist will be the doctor who provides care for him or her during a hospital stay. A Hospitalist is a board-certified physician who cares only for hospitalized patients. This doctor does not have a traditional office and instead rounds on patients who are in an inpatient hospital setting continually. These physicians are affiliated with the admitting hospital rather than our practice, and our physician team remains in regular contact with the hospitalist to keep abreast of our patient's treatment. When our patient is released from the hospital, he or she will return to our practice for follow-up care.

Our Family Medicine team offers quality care, experienced medical providers and the desire to build lasting patient relationships. We don’t just treat diseases; we take care of people.

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