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One year anniversary celebration at Summit Medical Group

“If you cant fly then run, if you cant run then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward”

- Martin Luther King Jr

So grateful and full of praise for God. An incredible year filled with valleys and peaks, incredible challenges and blessings.

So grateful to an incredible team with one driven purpose “ to provide the best care using a collaborative patient centered care model “ an ITU( integrated care unit).

To our partners, “ the sky is the limit” Conquering social determinants of health

  • Go Team

  • Caplet Pharmacy

  • Uzuri Spa

  • Abililties Physical Therapy

  • Labcorp

  • Solutions for Mindfulness

  • Metropolitan Cardiovascular Associates

  • Global Pain Management

  • Potomac Valley Home Equipment

  • Obii Pax Harry- Executive Coach

  • Royalty Home Care

  • Summit Labs

  • Summit Holistic Center






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